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Com­mer­cial Insurance

We offer insur­ance pack­ages that are tai­lored for dif­fer­ent types of busi­nesses. Whether it is insur­ance for your build­ing, busi­ness prop­erty, equip­ment, inven­tory or com­pany vehi­cles, we offer prod­ucts and ser­vices to pro­tect your business.

Prop­erty Insurance

Prop­erty Insur­ance cov­ers the risk of prop­erty loss in a vari­ety of com­mer­cial sit­u­a­tions, includ­ing com­mer­cial build­ings, equip­ment, fur­ni­ture, fix­tures, inven­to­ries, busi­ness records, sup­plies and other phys­i­cal items.

Prop­erty Insur­ance may cover two types of prop­erty losses:

  • Direct losses may be cov­ered when prop­erty is lost, stolen, dam­aged or destroyed.
  • Indi­rect or con­se­quen­tial losses related to direct losses may also be covered.

Com­mer­cial Gen­eral Lia­bil­ity Insurance

Casu­alty Insur­ance con­sists pri­mar­ily of lia­bil­ity cov­er­ages, which pro­tect an insured party against injury or dam­age claims made by other parties.

Poli­cies pro­vide cov­er­age for lia­bil­ity aris­ing out of:

  • Premises and Operation
  • Fire Dam­age Lia­bil­ity (dam­age by fire to premises rented to insured)
  • Per­sonal and Adver­tis­ing Injury
  • Med­ical Payments
  • Products/​Completed Operations

You may want to con­sider a Busi­ness Own­ers Pack­age which com­bines your Lia­bil­ity, Prop­erty and other types of cov­er­age into one com­pre­hen­sive pol­icy and which can help you save time and money on your total insur­ance pro­gram. And since we live in an age of million-​dollar law­suits, you may also want to add extra lia­bil­ity pro­tec­tion in the form of a Com­mer­cial Umbrella Pol­icy. We can tell you more about these plans and if they make sense for you.

Busi­ness Auto Insurance

Busi­ness Auto cov­er­age insures vehi­cles that are owned, leased, hired or bor­rowed by busi­nesses, whether they are asso­ci­a­tions, cor­po­ra­tions, part­ner­ships or sole pro­pri­etor­ships. Busi­ness Auto cov­er­age may be used to insure pri­vate pas­sen­ger autos and all types of trucks, trail­ers, semi­trail­ers and com­mer­cial vehi­cles designed for use on pub­lic roads. We can give you more details about spe­cific cov­er­ages and deductibles and about tai­lor­ing a Busi­ness Auto plan that’s right for you and your business.

Work­ers’ Compensation

Work­ers’ Com­pen­sa­tion cov­er­age applies to bod­ily injury and dis­eases aris­ing out of and in the course of employ­ment. Any bod­ily injury must be acci­den­tal, and the term includes death result­ing from the acci­dent. Only occu­pa­tional dis­eases, which are unique to the occu­pa­tion, are covered.

Work­ers’ Com­pen­sa­tion pro­vides for the pay­ment of four types of benefits:

  • Med­ical benefits
  • Income ben­e­fits
  • Death ben­e­fits
  • Reha­bil­i­ta­tion benefits

A rep­re­sen­ta­tive can pro­vide you with com­plete details on Work­ers’ Com­pen­sa­tion Insur­ance and rec­om­mend cost-​effective ways to con­trol expenses through safety engi­neer­ing and claim services.

Whether you are run­ning a For­tune 500 com­pany or a neigh­bor­hood florist, Pluta Insur­ance has you covered.

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